Frequently Asked Questions

              If you don't see what you need here please feel free to use the "CONTACT"
           button above for any information concerning our YUNIQUE high end sports cars.

     1.) What options are available?

                      Please See Pricing Sheet

     2.) What tops are available?

                     Either hard top or rag top are available

What other models are available?

                     Yunique Creations can build the following: BUT NOT LIMITED TO

                          Any C-1 59 - 62 model can be manufactured                  See Pricing Sheet
                          Any C-2 Stingray 63-67 model can be manufactured     See Pricing Sheet

     4.)  Are moon roofs available?

                     We have not installed this type roof on our cars as yet; however, it can be accomplished as an option.

     5.)  Is this a kit car?

                     This is not a kit car; it is a newly designed and manufactured vehicle from the ground up.
                     It will be assembled at the Yunique Creations Manufacturing Plant.
                     The Yunique Creations high-end sports car you saw on Spike TV and on the website
                     has been tested and is ready for sale.

     6.)  Can this car accommodate large people?

                     The Yunique high-end sports car showcased on Spike TV and shown on the website is a newly
                     designed and manufactured sports car from the ground up. It was designed around a 420 LB, 6 ft. 7 in. man,
                     so it has plenty of leg and head room for the largest individuals.

                     The company looks specifically at the needs of the client for this automobile. It is our goal to design a
                     Yunique car for 'your' comfort. There is additional ability to further expand the cockpit both for additional leg
                     room and width. This can be accomplished fairly inexpensively. Additionally, if a customer's needs exceed these
                     design parameters, there is even further opportunity to expand the cockpit by creating a front wheel drive
                     Yunique sports car. Such a design would provide a much larger cockpit.

     7.)  How long does it take to build a car?

                     The assembly time for a C-1 is about four months, a C-2 up to 5 months.
                     Each vehicle comes with the production number stamped on the frame, and
                     each owner will receive a certificate of authenticity with the production number depicted thereon.

     8.)  Where are you located?

                     We are located in the Daytona Beach, Fl. USA area. However, we have sales consultants globally
                     ready to provide service to our clients. We are adding more consultants as they become available.

     9).  What chrome do you offer?

                     We do offer bumpers and grill. However the fiberglass will have to be adjusted in order to accommodate these.

  Do you offer ceramic side pipes?

                     Ceramic side pipes can be added although difficult as the car is very low to the ground and the rocker panels are not very high.

     11.)  Do you offer carbon fiber dash inserts, different gauge setups?

                     A carbon fiber dash is doable; however, instrumentation other than GM would not be compatible with the computer.
                     A change to the computer and wiring would negatively affect the performance and mileage.

     12.)  Do you offer wider tires....say 19" or 20" aluminum rims?

                     The existing car can accommodate only one inch wider wheels.
                    A specially designed body can accommodate any wheels you require.

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