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    Yunique Creations                                                                                                      www.YuniqueCreations.com
       High End Sports Cars                                                                                                                                                            


                      Yunique Creations remanufactures versions of the following;
                                            C-1 models '59-'62
                                            C-2 models '63-'67

                      Although the car, depicted above, is a 1959 Yunique the seats are 4 inches lower and 7 inches
                      further back than an original 1959 corvette, allowing taller and larger people to drive the car in comfort

                      Outer body measures exactly the same as a '59 corvette with more aggressive stance

                                            >   Designed around a 420 Lb. 6'7" man (cockpit can be further expanded)
                                            >   Car weight 2700 - 2900 lbs dry
                                            >   Custom interior designs
                                            >   Durable air craft carpet
                                            >   High gloss mahogany console and trim
                                            >   Down sized original steering wheel
                                            >   Digital dash
                                            >   Removable custom leather lined top
                                            >   All parts C4, C5, C6 or manufactured by Yunique
                                            >   GM electronic fuel management
                                            >   Entertainment and antitheft systems
                                            >   Fuel mileage over 30 mpg
                                            >   Special design air conditioning to accommodate 100 degrees plus temp
                                            >   Corvette generation II LS1, LS2, or LS4 engines
                                            >   4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive or 6 speed manual with 5th and 6th overdrive
                                            >   Corvette four wheel independent suspension
                                            >   Corvette 4 wheel disc brakes

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