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Stand head and shoulders above the rest!
Have people stare in amazement as you drive by! This brand new, very special high-end sports car is indeed an attention getter; newly designed and manufactured from the ground up. This "smoking hot" Yunique sports car is only offered through special ordering with limited production to our exclusive clientele.
Not for the faint of heart!
This is one smoking hot Yunique sports car, designed by Smokey Yunick. A high end sports car with a top speed of 175 mph (280kph). Hand crafted.. .Sleek.. .Modern and ..Aerodynamic! Luxurious custom designed leather seats and top. Meticulously hand crafted to meet your unique specifications, otherwise not attainable. Designed around a 420 lb, 6 ft. 7 in. man, so it has plenty of leg and head room for the largest individuals. And there is room for further expansion of the cockpit depending upon requirements. Owners will be invited to visit the production plant at manufacturing intervals offering specialized attention. Certificates of authenticity will be produced with every car along with a unique production number stamped into the car's frame. We also remanufacture C-1 models '59-'62 and C-2 models '63-'67.
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